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General Commercial Litigation

General Commercial Litigation

The Brooks & Berne, PLLC corporate litigation team aggressively manages business disputes and defends smalls businesses and corporations in various forms of litigation.  We immediately assess risks to our client’s business and aggressively take all necessary steps to avoid litigation and unnecessary disruption in our client’s daily operations.

However, when such mitigation efforts are unsuccessful, our corporate litigation team is renowned for our aggressive litigating style with respect to tort and contractual disputes/issues. Combining our legal, regulatory and compliance teams, Brooks & Berne, PLLC ensures our clients are complying with recent changes in federal and state regulations, and are consistently adhering to safeguards with respect to claims involving: COVID-19, class-actions, antitrust, international arbitration, intellectual property, tax compliance, wage and hour disputes, breach of contract, shareholder derivative suits, and wrongful termination and discrimination actions. 

We are proactive, aggressive and dedicated to understanding our client’s business needs.

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