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Obtains Discontinuance of Case

JR v. TS Plaintiff is a police officer who brought suit for assault against a BLM activist, for injuries he allegedly suffered at a George Floyd rally. Richard Berne and Alesha Powell brought a pre-Answer “Anti-Slapp” (“Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation”) motion against Plaintiff, arguing that Plaintiff brought the suit to deter our client from […]

Obtains Discontinuance of Case

Richards, Byrue v. Maspeth Supply Company, LLC Plaintiff tripped over a “crack” in the street. Richard Berne found a photograph of the location taken several years before the accident and before the insured had worked in the area, which showed that the crack had been there for years as of the time of Plaintiff’s fall. […]

Obtains Discontinuance of Case

Mojica, Edward v. Gerald Post and Jose J. Reyes Reynoso Motor vehicle accident case. The police report indicated that the insured was pushed into Plaintiff’s vehicle by co-defendant’s vehicle. After the insured testified at his deposition, Richard Berne argued to Plaintiff that he must discontinue the case against the insured, and the matter was discontinued.

Discontinuance of Case

Mena, Rosa Anyely Vasquez v. Emad A. Melek, Uber Technologies, Inc., Uber USA., LLC, Raiser-NY LLC, Lyft, Inc., Sidco Food Distribution Corp. & Daniel Aguilar Motor vehicle accident case. Richard Berne obtained a closed-circuit video taken in the area of the underlying accident, which showed that at the time of the impact the insured was […]

Hudson Valley Top Lawyers At B&B.

Brooks & Berne PLLC congratulates 5 of its attorneys for being selected as Hudson Valley Top Lawyers. Alesha Powell (Personal Injury) Chevon Brooks (Construction) Nicole Varisco (Civil Law Litigation) Barbara Matarazzo (Insurance)Alesha Powell (Personal Injury) Victor Gialleonardo (Insurance)

Brooks & Berne, PLLC Obtains Dismissal.

Christopher M. Davis and Denise A. Obre-Davis v. Dennis P. Crowley et al., CASE SUMMARY On September 24, 2021, the New Jersey Superior Court issued an opinion in Christopher M. Davis and Denise A. Obre-Davis v. Dennis P. Crowley et al., No. GLO L 000655-21, dismissing the Third-Party Complaint against United Property Casualty Insurance Company […]

Motion to Compel Granted – Kings County

Wisdom v. Sea Park North, LP, et al. Plaintiff entered into a settlement agreement with the defendants, but then attempted to renege on the settlement.  Richard Berne brought a motion to compel enforcement of the settlement agreement, based on the electronic communications between the parties’ attorneys.  The Court granted the motion, and Plaintiff was forced […]

Summary Judgment Granted- Bronx County

Ghazal v. AAA Refrigeration Service, Inc. Richard Berne obtained a dismissal of this case, wherein a supermarket worker was seriously injured by a fall on ice in the store’s Refrigeration Unit.  Plaintiff sued the company that provided service to the refrigeration and freezer units, and we moved for summary judgment based on the fact that […]