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Brooks & Berne, PLLC Obtains Dismissal of Negligence Action Prior to Discovery

Nicole Varisco, Esq. and Michael Andreou, Esq. recently obtained dismissal of a personal injury action, wherein the plaintiff alleged that he was injured when he tripped and fell in a roadway/crossway in lower Manhattan. Plaintiff commenced suit against the Insured and several other entities, which ultimately resulted in a consolidated action involving 17 total defendants/third-party...
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Settlement Agreement Enforced!

Lalli v. Hudson River Park Trust; New York County Supreme Court.  After plaintiff’s deposition, counsel for plaintiff and I engaged in settlement negotiations by email.  We reached agreement on a settlement, and we sent the necessary Release to be signed.  Before plaintiff signed the release, he changed his mind about the settlement and refused to...
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Motion To Dismiss Granted- Suffolk County

Milazzo v. Play Like a Pro, et al:  Suffolk Supreme Court.  Plaintiff alleged that defendants assaulted, battered and unlawfully restrained him.  He commenced the action by serving a Summons with Notice.  We entered our Notice of Appearance, and demanded a Complaint.  When plaintiff failed to file the complaint in a timely fashion, we moved to...
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Third-Party Bad Faith Claims Dismissed- New Jersey

Successful Dismissal in New Jersey- Brooks & Berne, PLLC Obtains Dismissal of Third-Party Bad Faith Claims Against Carrier and Carrier’s Adjuster- Union County, New Jersey   Bad Faith claims are far too often filed by non-policyholders in personal injury cases. Recently, Candace Johnson and Brittany Hale obtained dismissal on behalf of its carrier and the...
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