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Dismissal In New Jersey- Hudson County Superior Court

Brooks & Berne, PLLC secures Dismissal of Case in Hudson County Superior Court, New Jersey
Candace R. Johnson, Esq. recently obtained complete dismissal of a personal injury action by way of a motion to dismiss plaintiff’s Complaint with prejudice for failure to provide discovery responses. Plaintiff alleged that she was injured in a motor vehicle accident and filed suit against the Insureds. After multiple attempts to try and obtain the requested discovery responses from plaintiff, a motion to dismiss without prejudice was entered by the Court. Thereafter, plaintiff failed to make any effort in providing the fully responsive answers to the Insureds’ demands and reinstate the case. Our office then filed a motion to dismiss plaintiff’s Complaint with prejudice, which was granted and dismissed in its entirety by the Honorable Vincent J. Militello, J.S.C. Contact Candace Johnson for case details.

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