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Third-Party Bad Faith Claims Dismissed- New Jersey

Successful Dismissal in New Jersey- Brooks & Berne, PLLC Obtains Dismissal of Third-Party Bad Faith Claims Against Carrier and Carrier’s Adjuster- Union County, New Jersey


Bad Faith claims are far too often filed by non-policyholders in personal injury cases. Recently, Candace Johnson and Brittany Hale obtained dismissal on behalf of its carrier and the carrier’s adjuster in a bad faith action filed in Union County New Jersey by non-policyholder plaintiffs. On behalf of the carrier, we argued that plaintiffs failed to state a claim upon which relief may be granted because they were not insureds under any policy issued by the carrier, and absent an assignment by the policyholder/defendant, plaintiffs lacked standing to assert bad faith claims against the carrier and its adjuster.


Judge Robert J. Mega found that the carrier established an entitlement to dismissal of plaintiffs’ claims with prejudice against the carrier’s adjuster (as she was protected by the corporate shield) and as to the carrier. For more information as to this decision, please reach out to Candace Johnson, Esq.

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